ambulatory blood pressure monitor


First-Call Medical will ship a monitor directly to your patient’s home, PO Box, or place of work.

ambulatory blood pressure monitor

Download ABPM Instructions

Download the 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring user instructions.Download Here ▸

24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

The Spacelabs Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is a diagnostic tool utilized by renal transplant and cardiology centers nationwide. Recordings are initiated at specific times, as directed by a physician, and all data is stored within the monitor. The ambulatory blood pressure monitor is worn for 24 hours, initiating one to four recordings per hour. All diary entries are entered in the final report.

First-Call Medical is currently a contracted service provider to many Renal Transplant Programs in the United States.

For more information regarding our ambulatory blood pressure monitor, please call 800-274-5399.

Ordering Process

To enroll a patient for this service, please click on our Patient Enrollment Form link below. Once you complete the Form, click Send Now. The secure Form will be sent to our office.

Patient Enrollment Form

Within 10 seconds 10 seconds of submitting the enrollment form, we will text your patient to prompt them to call us to schedule delivery.


All reports are located on a secure website 24 hours a day. You will receive email notifications when reports are ready for review. Click the login tab at the top of this page to access this feature.


Only fee-for-service billing is available. Please call our billing department at 800-274-5399 if you have questions. There are no other hidden fees or charges.

ambulatory blood pressure monitor